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Accepting Suggestions for a Title…

As I’ve been doing some research about myself in preparation for “Who Am I”, I retook the 16 Personalities test. Just like the last 14 times I’ve taken it, I got INFP (I did occasionally get INFJ but they are very similar). However, every time I read through my personality, I pick up on something… Continue reading Accepting Suggestions for a Title…

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I’m Just Going To Warn You Now

If I could just leave a bunch of rage images here and call it a blog, that’s what I’d be doing right now. Seeing as how I actually have to write stuff because this is a blog, I cannot do that. So instead, I’m just gonna rant for a little. Fair warning: I’m thoroughly pissed.… Continue reading I’m Just Going To Warn You Now


Finer Than a Frog Hair Split Four Ways

Update time! I have been running this blog for about 7 months, though it now serves a new purpose as part of my creative writing class. I liked blogging before, but this feels a little more free and less risky since I’m doing it with other people. Because I started a while ago, I do… Continue reading Finer Than a Frog Hair Split Four Ways

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Unfamiliar Yet Right at Home

Sometimes, it creeps up slowly, barely alerting me to its presence until I’m ready to burst Usually, it hits like a wave Crashing into me, sweeping me up inside it When it comes, I often have trouble recognizing it because it is so foreign to me, so rarely an emotion I feel Anger Tonight, I… Continue reading Unfamiliar Yet Right at Home