New Letter Series

Hey guys!

So I recently thought about what I would do if I knew I only had a week to live. It may seem dark but I had heard that song “If I Die Young” and it got me thinking. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on dying anytime soon. Lol. Anyway, one of the things I thought about doing is writing a letter to everyone in my 102 english class. You guys all mean a lot to mean and I love you all to pieces, so I would want to write each of you individual letters about how you impacted my life and what makes you so important to me. Well, I figured I should write those letters anyways because I love you guys and I think receiving a letter would be so amazing. So here we go! My new letter series. There’s not going to be any particular order to who I write too, it’ll just be whoever impacted me on any given day. Today, my letter is to Mia.

Dear Mia,

First of all, I want to say thank you. Thank you for being so kind and amazing and just a light in my world. You are so pure and magical and you make me happy :). You’re affinity for all things music and bright makes me smile, and your musical laugh is as beautiful as Bach’s cello suite No. 1 prelude. I love you to pieces, so never stop being you!

Mia, you inspire me to always look for the good in every situation, and to never, EVER, turn my back on music. Stay pure and strong my friend, for people like you are a rare gem in today’s world. I am so proud to be your friend, and I hope you never stop chasing your dreams.

Forever yours,



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