My First Online Journal

I dreamed Blake kissed me.

Since nobody actually reads my blog anyway, this is going to become more of a journal. If you people start reading this, I’ll post about whatever you want me to. Until then, welcome to my thoughts.

I dreamed Blake kissed me. Thank you God for giving me a brain that can create such possibilities. Before I go into detail, you need to know two things about me. One, I’m a synesthete. In other words, I see every part of my life in colors, from people’s personalities to class subjects to days of the week. Google it, it’s super cools. Second, my dreams are usually completely whack and have so much vivid and vibrant detail I have a hard time describing everything in a way that makes sense. This is in part because of my color thing. I’ve googled that too but I guess it just happens to people.

Anyway, my dream started with a crazy water balloon fight on the bus, followed by a crazy, fun chase, some fancy and absolutely terrifying motorcycle tricks performed by Blake, and the discovery of a very out-of-place patch of snow in the back of my grandmother’s home. This dream was special. It happened twice.

On the bus, I start out in back, second seat from the back. I chat for a minute then move to sit by my best friend in the States. She’s sitting four seats from the front. I know Blake is on the bus, and I find him sitting in first row. My neighbor (basically my brother) is sitting behind him. We have a substitute driver. I don’t know why I remember that but I do. Something about the bus seems golden and deep, dark brown with vines. Idk y, that’s just my color thing kicking in.

Blake is wearing sunglasses. It’s his birthday. He’s kinda dressed like he wants to hide. Big sweater, black hat, scarf (basically ski gear) etc. he even has blankets and stuff. I giddily ask Sarah if I should go sit by him, or talk to him, etc, as females do when attracted to someone. As my version of a baby step, I move up and sit by Neighbor/Brother. I hold a quick, excitedly rushed convo with with Neighbor/Brother, then lean over the seat to say something to Blake. Suddenly a water ballon fight begins. Everyone targets Blake because it’s his birthday, but of course I’m in the cross fire. Reece disappears, literally crawling under the seat and actually disappearing for the remainder of my dream. Several people are missing Blake and hitting the back of his seat (aka where I’m sitting) so I move to sit up with Blake very quickly and tuck into myself as best I can, trying to protect myself from the montage of balloons. Most of them hit the back of the seat or are over-shot, but some people figure out how to lob them up so they come straight down on us. Idrk what Blake is doing, other than trying to protect himself. Most people are trying to hit Blake, not me, though a couple stray balloons miss and hit me. Still. Blake seems to have a few balloons of his own, so he returns fire when he can, grinning the whole way through, laughing when one of his openers makes a funny jab.

One balloons hits me directly on my forehead, splashing everywhere. I kinda gasp/scream, as one does when unexpectedly hit with cold water, so I move my hand to better cover my head and eyes, like I’m trying to block the sun. While doing so, I end up looking down and seeing a couple stray balloons rolling down the bus aisle. That’s when the sub seems to notice and become slightly concerned with what’s going on. She radios whoever bus drivers radio and says “The kids seem to be having a water orb fight. How should I proceed?”. Yes, she actually said water orb. Somebody radios her back and says to just let us have fun, which would NEVER happen girl, especially at my school. As somebody who general really likes rules and following them, that radio conversation gives me zero guilt or hesitation reaching to into the aisle and grabbing every single balloon I can and launch it back at the enemy. I peek up against the seat, select targets, and fire with accuracy that could only happen in a fictional world. Lol.

The bus stopped to let a kid off, but Blake NINJA JUMPS OUT OF THE SEAT and RUNS, followed by a several of our attackers. FYI Blake is a really talented and athletic soccer player, so he was moving FAST, in every sense of the word. Of course, I run out after them because I’m curious af, and somehow Blake is on a motorcycle?? But we can sort of keep up… and we end up in this patch of field that doesn’t have crops, just looks like a beaten trail area. Blake parks the bike and takes his helmet and such off. This is the first time in my dream that I actually see his face. His buddies that started the water balloon fight crowd around him, patting his back, laughing. You know, the whole macho guy friend thing. Then a male compadre of mine (rich but also super nice, from Canada) pulls up with two trucks (the second one didn’t have a driver, but this is a dream) and gives Blake one of them as a birthday present. Blake is obviously thrilled, though the truck never shows up again in my dream. (sorry this is so long. I’m even leaving out most of the details 😂)

Fast forward, Blake gives me a ride to our shared destination, my grandmother’s, on his motorcycle. When we get there, my entire family, including my first cousins, are getting ready to leave on a ski trip. (idk why? its the middle of summer??) Blake and I are hungry so we grab some burgers that somebody made and try to eat quickly, but then my family just kind of leaves. Only my grandma stays behind because irl she’s starting to actually lose her mind, forget about important things, and she’s developing really bad anxiety. She stresses out over every small detail, and this kind of transferred over to my dream. So Blake and I are just kinda chilling in the kitchen, making small talk and eating more food (because food is good). As I get up and start to put things away, my cousins little dog starts whining at the door, her signal of “let me out now or else”. So I take Piper (the dog) outside so she can do her thing, and become quite shocked to fine a literally snow-covered portion of the backyard.

Stunned by this natural phenomenon, I run inside and inform Blake, who follows me out to see for himself. He’s as stunned as I am, and after a couple of minutes of just gazing out in awe, he tells me he’ll be right back and runs inside. He has a twinkle in his eye that makes me wonder what he could possibly be up to, but I’m too amazed by the snow to care too much. When he comes out a couple of minutes later, it isn’t through the door, but on his freaking motorcycle, in full ski gear, coming around the corner of the house at full speed. His brilliant idea: let’s attach a rope to the back of my motorcycle, then a plastic trashcan lid, and plop you down on it without any gear whatsoever. My brilliant idea: DO IT.

LOL so I sit on my knees on a plastic trash can lid while Blake pulls some of his crazy stunts in my grandparent’s backyard, whipping me around behind him. We literally do this for hours and its so fantastic. Blake always pulls me thought, he never lets me pull him. Once the sun sets and it starts to get a bit dark, we calm down and begin to go inside.


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