In Sickness and in Health

The new, live-action film Beauty and the Beast has been a blockbuster hit across the globe. I’ve been excited to see it since I heard rumors online. Today, I got that chance… sort of. I got to see the opening frame of the opening scene. And I’m really bummed out about it.

Long-time family friends of ours are visiting this week from my home town. I haven’t been able to see them recently so I’m super excited about spending a week with them just hanging out and shopping. Shopping with this family is a tradition every fall, and it’s the one and only time I enjoy spending money or draping bags on my arms. We go to a local shopping town with a nearby state park that is absolutely beautiful for a day or so, then find new places to explore in the rest of the state. Today, this family arrived. Since they got here around noon, we decided to get our nails done, go to a movie, got to the spa, and and maybe shop at the local mall. We did nails, ate, and went out to the theater. On the way, I began to feel a bit off. No big deal, I’ve sat through school feeling worse. By the time we got to the theater 15 minutes later I felt like all of my insides wanted to be on my outside. two seconds into the movie, I bolted for the restroom and my insides came out.

I’ll spare you the fun details, but long story short I’m writing this while my family and close friends are enjoying a movie I want to see more than all of them combined. However, there is light in every dark tunnel. My best friend lives in England as a missionary, and was able to Face Time. She always pray whenever I need something, and she’s always here for me, even when I’m not in a pleasant state. We talk almost daily about everything from the weather in each other’s country to boys being as stubborn as mules. Today, she’s willing to talk me through illness and comfort me. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

My advice: Find a good friend, even if they live an ocean away, that will be there for you in sickness and in health.


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