First Blog Post!

Good morning! I am so excited to introduce to everyone my new blog, Shooting Starr. Yes, I am aware that Starr only has one ‘r’. The spelling is completely intentional and a small piece of who I am. For those of you who have not done so, I encourage you to read my About Me, which summarizes some information I want to share with you.

I am a young woman. I am a strong believer in God and Christianity. This will likely appear in many of my posts, though I will never, ever intentionally do so in a way that is offensive. I do not hate on other for any reason, whether that be sex, race, or immigration status. As a matter of fact, I believe many people on our planet, Christians included, have forgotten our call to love one another regardless of personal beliefs. If we do not love, how can we show others the light?

Ok, enough of the heavy stuff. I want to get to know you too! Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and reach out! Additionally, please let me know if something on my site isn’t working properly, or is hard to get to. You can do so in the comments section of each individual post, or via my Contact page. Later on, I may create a FAQ page. If so, I’ll be sure to let you all know how to access it. For now, here is some basic information about my blog:

  1. I will try to post frequently, though I may not be able to post daily.
  2. Each post will include a summary of something I have experienced, as well as a bit of advice to help guide you in your walk of life.
  3. Some posts will include Bible versus. Some posts will be on touchy topics. Please do not take offense.
  4. If you have an opinion, I want to hear it! NOTE: Please share your opinions respectfully. You will receive as much respect as you give.
  5. If you have specific questions or topics you would like for me to touch on, please let me know. I’m happy to answer any personal questions you may have.
  6. Show each other love and respect! And please enjoy my blog!

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